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Keeping your network strong and reliable



Server Maintenance

For the regular maintenance of your mail, web or application server good knowledge of the systems is required. Beeing able to forsee complications is a must to avoid interuptions of service. Regular maintenance will keep your server free of any congestion, overload or compatability issues keeping performance upto a maximum.

Managed hosting

Using managed hosting solutions you are assured of support that has the knowledge to offer solutions to any problem that may arise on your server. With broad knowledge of the networks, platforms and applications your management team is able to assist swiftly and accurate resolving interuptions of service, technical upgrades and changes with minimal impact. Managed hosting requires no effort and often support is aware of problems ahead of users by monitoring and preventive maintenance. If you want to be sure of support then managed hosting solutions are a must.

Perfect uptime networks

The quality of the webserver and website are very important issues on the road to a succesful website. The webserver itself should always respond and it should respond fast and without errors. I.R. offers such servers as managed servers in quality Rackspace datacenters maintaining a zero-downtime tier-1 network connected to the internet through hubs like MCI, Sprint, Tiscali, Abovenet and LINX. With I.R.  your webserver has a team of technical webmasters available to tackle the problems that can arise.

"I.R.  Perfect Uptime Servers"
Our servers are monitored by InterSeer.
(Source: InterSeer April 2012)

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