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What are Search Engines and why do i need them ?


  Search Engines

Most internet visitors searching for information start with a search engine. These are specialized applications that gather information and references from all or a part of the internet and create a searchable index. This index can then be searched by navigating or searching for relevant words or phrases. Beeing listed in search engine indexes is a must if your website is to be found by visitors using that search engine. There are hundreds of search engines but only a handfull generate the bulk of the referals.

Website meta tagging

To aid search engines to index your site properly meta-tags are included on each page of your website. These meta-tags include information about your page like the publishing date, title, description and author. A key part of the meta-tags are the keywords which should reflect the topic of the page as strong as possible. Having meta-tags properly tuned to the content of your page will get your page higher on the search results of a search engine. Search engines do not have a standard method therefor tuning for prefered search engines is advised.

I.R. Meta Tagging and optimization

For websites that need their meta-tags improved we offer analysis and optimization services. During analysis the keypoints of your online pages are defined and the quality of your meta-tags will be established. When the website or page is new we can also provide with search engine promotion to assure that the website or page is added to the relevant listings and search engine indexes

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