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How will they find my website ?


Presence Promotion

Presence promotion is the activity of publishing your website addres to the audience on the internet. By submitting your website addres to internet searchengines and relevant news and branch listings your website will be found by more visitors. Additional promotion activities may include advertising, community services, public voting, special offers and onsite entertainment.


Standard promotion

Standard promotion (as included with all our website development projects) offers a fast start for initial promotion. After beeing listed in major search engines and listings your website can be found by many visitors. Standard promotion
With our website development offers we include standard promotion to promote your website addres over the internet to a range of wellknown search engines. For more marketing efficiency we can also develop a full customized promotion plan.

Extended promotion

With our extended promotion service for websites we analyze your website to report changes for optimalization. With the service also comes our custom tagging system which will be integrated into your website offering dynamic meta tagging of your page content. Each system can be tuned for specific search engines and content powering your content with optimal meta tagging resulting to a higher page rank in search engine results.

Offline promotion

Although your target audience may be online the offline promotion benefits should not be underestimated. Your online target group may be more susceptible when reading a offline magazine or listening to a regular radio.The powerfull suplements of offline promotion often leads to more traffic and therefor should be an event on your agenda regularly.

I.R. Promotion services

With a decade of experience in the field of internet technology and presence promotion the range of our services allows us to step in and swiftly continue with the next promotion phase for your website. If you feel that your website needs more visitors then contact our promotion team for further information.

A full overview of promotion services that we offer are;

  • Standard website promotion
  • Extended website promotion
  • Magazine marketing
  • Flyer design and printing
  • Brochure design and printing
  • Banner design and submission
  • Business form styling (design/adapt)
  • All-in marketing campaign's
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