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Why is advertising important ?


Offline advertising

Advertising offline may reach additional audience not available online. The offline advertising in newpapers, magazines, billboards or on radio or TV can also reach potential visitors on a less active moment. Grabbing the attention of travellers, people waiting in line or people on their lunch break can be easier then grabbing their attention in an online very dynamic internet environment. The beneifit of offline advertising is the following mouth to mouth promotion by visitors themselfs. By stimulating mouth to mouth promotion may also bring the benefit of the audience listening to trusted friends or relations and feel more trusted with the advertized service.

Online advertising

To advertising your website online various methods are available. For online promotion your website address should be added to proper website listings and indexes, linkexchanges and startpages. If desired one can place an affiliate referral system to attract visitors from other websites for a fee based commision. A highly succesful online promotion option is pay-per-click advertising and pay-per-view advertising may offer additional promotion results. Online advertising is changing regularly by the use of new technology and more innovative ways in presenting information. Staying up to date with the available options is a must if advertising is key in your venture.

Onsite promotion

By adding additional features and special offers to your website the visitors can benefit directly from their visit. New products or services can be promoted almost immediatly after they are selected. Using automation offers and news can be triggered for a certain period to allow to run synchronized with scheduled marketing campaigns.

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