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To maintain or to replace ?



Content Maintenance

To keep the website supplied with up to date material the task of content maintenance can be one of changes or replacement. New products to be published, old ones to remove, new image material, corrections and changes require work to be done regularly. Beeing able to produce many content formats in-house allows one to process maintenance request rapidly. This results to a more dynamic website stimulating users to visit regularly.

Content Expansion

Adding new content to your website or complete sections for new content may some day be required. This can be done by manual expansion or automated systems like online catalogs. Where manual expansion offers a greater control over the presentation and layout aspects automated systems often have universal framework where the content is included. The big advantage of automated systems is that it offers faster expansion of your content with less effort.

I.R. Content Maintenance services

For systems with high demands on availability the On-Call maintenance means a quick recovery when technical problems arise. With this maintenance level support is often available all year round. When your systems are not that demanding but you still want certain ensurance for regular maintenance then our Annual maintenance can forfill your requirements. With this level your non urgent requests are handled within 3 working days. When you have not chosen for any maintenance and your support call is not covered by any written I.R. agreement then we offer Incident maintenance using our standard software maintenance fee. Your non urgent requests are handled within 7 working days.

Requests can be submitted through post, fax, email and online helpdesk. Using our electronic contact points request can be submitted 24 hours a day. By phone you can get direct support during helpdesk hours. This means that changes can be simple passed upon us, we will then update the content. For more information on our content maintenance services contact us.

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